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‘Better Call Saul’ Star Rhea Seehorn Reflects on Game-Changing Episode and Her Emmy Nominations

[This story contains major spoilers for Better Call Saul’s “Fun and Games.”] It’s been quite a week for Rhea Seehorn as the actor is still on cloud nine following not one but two Emmy nominations for her performances on AMC’s Better Call Saul and Cooper’s Bar. It’s also been quite a night for Kim Wexler, […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Star Rish Shah Defends Kamran’s True Intentions and Talks Mind-Blowing Spider-Man Lunch Break

[This story contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel.] Now that Ms. Marvel’s critically acclaimed first season has concluded, Rish Shah wants to make it clear that Kamala Khan’s ClanDestine crush, Kamran, had the purest of intentions all along.  When it’s revealed at the end of episode two and the beginning of episode three of the Disney+ […]

How ‘Better Call Saul’ Writer-EP Gordon Smith Brought a 13-Year-Old ‘Breaking Bad’ Story to a Close

[This story contains major spoilers for Better Call Saul’s “Point and Shoot.”] In 2009, Breaking Bad opened the book on Lalo Salamanca, and now, 13 years later, Better Call Saul writer-EP Gordon Smith has closed it. After writing several of the most critically acclaimed hours in the series, Smith’s decorated career as a writer-producer on […]

‘Better Call Saul’ Star Tony Dalton Breaks Down Midseason Premiere’s Climactic Ending

[The following story contains major spoilers for Better Call Saul’s “Point and Shoot.”] After 13 years, the story of Lalo is now complete.  During “Better Call Saul,” Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) debut episode on Breaking Bad, the criminal lawyer yelled the name “Lalo” in sheer terror, and ever since then, Breaking Bad and Better Call […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Breaks Down Big Twist in Penultimate Episode

[The following story contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel’s fifth episode, “Time and Again.”] At first glance, a documentarian who’s won two Oscars and seven Emmys doesn’t seem like the most obvious fit for Marvel Studios’ latest Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel — but Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy quickly proved herself to be the most ideal choice. Obaid-Chinoy directed […]

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Star Tessa Thompson Discusses the Fun Moment She Fought for and the Freedom of ‘Creed III’

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie may not be enamored with the added responsibility of being King of Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder, but the actor feels just the opposite about her relatively new title of producer. In 2021, Thompson launched a production company known as Viva Maude and signed a first-look deal at HBO and HBO […]

‘The Black Phone’ Writer C. Robert Cargill Discusses The Grabber’s Backstory and the Emotional Last-Minute Rewrite

[This story contains spoilers for The Black Phone.] It’s been 10 years since Sinister’s creative team delivered one of Blumhouse’s earliest low-budget success stories, but the trio of C. Robert Cargill, Scott Derrickson and Ethan Hawke have answered the call yet again with The Black Phone. Blumhouse and Universal’s latest supernatural horror film opened to […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Meera Menon Discusses How She Relates to Kamala Khan and Breaks Down Episode Two’s Training Montage

Ms. Marvel couldn’t be more different than Meera Menon’s last Marvel experience on The Punisher, but the story of Kamala Khan certainly strikes a deeper chord in the filmmaker. Similar to Kamala, Menon was raised by South Asian immigrants in New Jersey, so she relished the opportunity to help tell a story that she longed […]

“It Felt Like Old-School Hollywood”: THR Presents Q&A With the Cast of ‘Outer Range’

A lot has changed since Josh Brolin last made television two decades ago, but it turns out he was perfectly suited for the streaming era. The 54-year-old actor found exactly what he was looking for and then some by way of Amazon Prime Video’s Outer Range, a neo-Western family drama with a sci-fi center that […]

How Bisha K. Ali Made Her Own Luck with ‘Ms. Marvel’

Bisha K. Ali was in the Loki writers’ room when she first caught wind of a Ms. Marvel series, and she wasted no time shooting her shot. As a Marvel devotee herself, the British-Pakistani writer knew that she could bring authenticity to the story of a Pakistani-American teenager named Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) who unlocks […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Directors Adil and Bilall Discuss Kevin Feige’s ‘Batgirl’ Fandom and Michael Keaton’s Batsuit Mobility

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, known collectively as Adil & Bilall, are a directing duo with big personalities, and their charisma comes across in their work, especially the premiere of Disney+’s Ms. Marvel. Whether it’s their inspired camera movements and angles or their animated flourishes a la Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Scott Pilgrim […]

‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Filmmaker Colin Trevorrow Discusses Key Moments in Franchise’s Concluding Chapter

[This story contains spoilers for Jurassic World Dominion.] When Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World was first released in 2015, a portion of the audience balked at the idea that a new dinosaur theme park would be able to operate following the disastrous Isla Nublar incident in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (1993). But then March 2020 happened, and […]